Bill Steel
Bill Steel
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Bill Steel
I started off at MetroFm, doing the Breakfast Show...


And I came to Century Radio in1996.

Join me on Century Radio on Saturdays from midnight to 6am; and Sundays from 2am to 6am.




It's always good to hear from you.......

Interesting facts: 

  • When I'm not in the Century Radio studios, I'm an actor.
  • My first ever job was as a Trainee Accountant.
  • If I wasn't DJ-ing, I'd be acting.
  • I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne and went to Pendower School for Boys, Newcastle and the College of Commerce.
  • My favourite ever pastimes are reading, theatre and cinema.
  • I love running and have ran 16 Great North Runs,  8 London Marathons and the New York City Marathon.
  • My fave meal is Spag Bol and the best holiday destination is New York.
  • My biggest childhood memort is Saturday morning cinema with my mates from school. I went to a boys school, so this was our big chance to meet girls.
  • The best film is "The Swimmer" starring Burt Lancaster.  I don't know anyone else who's seen it!
  • My favourite band is The Far and my favourite artist is Mark Murphy. Green Dolphin Street is the best track and RAH is the best album!
  • The best track to get a party started is Kylie Minogue's Give Me Just A Little More Time and the best last dance track is Van Morrison's Have I Told You Lately?
  • This decade's been good: I acted in a couple of films, landed a role in Coronation Street and started doing shows for CenturyFM.
  • I'm married to Isabel and my son, Christian, is an actor and lives in London.
  • I've met Sting, Robson Green and Tim Healey who were really pleasant - of course they're all Geordies like me !
  • I would love to meet Robert Palmer.
  • And my prediction for 2007 is that Cliff will make a Christmas record!!!


If you were going to a Halloween fancy dress party, what/who would you go as? Prince. When the light catches me in a certain way we look remarkably alike.
Which celebrity/celebrities do you find attractive that you know you really shouldn't? Basil Brush.  I've tried to fight it but it's bigger than both of us.
What was the best thing about this summer (what there was of it!) Long lazy picnics on the beach (listening to CenturyFM of course!)
Which firework best describes you?A sparkler!
What's your best tip for keeping warm in the winter? Dont wear shorts

Who is your favourite cartoon character? Peanuts Aka Snoopy : I had the matching bed set as a child, still wear the t-shirt now!
What is your favourite line from a song? Oh no you are asking a singer what their favourite lyrics are! My head is full of them but I have to go for Spandau Ballet and True
If you were a tool, which one would you be? A small drill bit that will never fit anything!
How would you or others describe your dancing? Thatís my one good point I can dance (only decent o Level I got actually!) Jude sayís about me ďThat Girlís got rhythm just give her a pole!Ē
If there was one personal item you couldnít live without, what would it be? Family and Dogs oops sorry thatís two!

Who is your favourite cartoon character? popeye
What is your favourite line from a song? Iíve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
If you were a tool, which one would you be? If I were a hammer Iíd hammer in the morning
How would you or others describe your dancing? What a mover !
If there was one personal item you couldnít live without, what would it be? My waterpik-itís great

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